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Wyatt Technology's primary corporate mission is to delight its customers. Whether that means potential customers, new customers, or long time customers, Wyatt Technology aims to delight. This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Potential customers may learn about our state-of-the-art technology through our Macromolecular seminars held throughout Europe and throughout the year.
  2. By participating and watching our online webinars.
  3. Through our attendance at various trade shows.
  4. New customers are encouraged to attend our Light Scattering University training classes held monthly in Dernbach, Germany at our corporate European headquarters. LSU Graduate classes are also provided for specialized hardware and software training.
  5. Existing Wyatt customers are encouraged to take part in our annual event entitled the International Light Scattering Colloquium (ILSC) where users from around the world come to Santa Barbara, CA, USA to discuss their different light scattering challenges and triumphs!