Field Flow Fractionation Systems

The Eclipse® Flow-FFF systems solve the most difficult separation, fractionation and sizing tasks in the macromolecular and colloidal arenas. The advantage of Flow-FFF over traditional SEC column chromatography is the ability to separate both soluable and colloidal components over a wide size range as well as sensitive and "sticky" samples (no stationary phase). Its resolution is similar to sedimentation equilibrium, but it surpasses even this benchmark-sizing tool when one considers its flexibility, speed, and ease of use.


Typical applications are in the field of research, development and quality control in pharmaceutical industry, molecular biology, nanotechnology, and environmental analyses, including the separation and characterization of proteins, aggregates, liposomes, emulsions, viral particles, polysaccharides, nanoparticles, polymers, polymer latex particles, colloidal soil suspensions, humic substances, chemical mechanical polishing slurries (CMP), and many more.



Eclipse® DUALTEC:

  • Flat Channel (AF4) and Hollow Fiber (HF5) combined in one system
  • 2 inlet ports to channel (Tip Injection)
  • Software-controllable switching between AF4, HF5 and SEC mode
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Eclipse® AF4:

  • Flat Channel (AF4), Frit-Inlet Channel (FI-AF4) and Semi-Prep (SP2) Channel available
  • 3 inlet ports to channel (central down-stream injection)
  • Metall-free Option available
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Eclipse® Channel Design:


The Eclipse offers the most versatile separation channel technology. There are five different channel types plus the hollow-fiber-cartridge available to accommodate different requirements for sample load, analysis time, and resolution, as well as a wide choice of spacers and pre-cut membranes for all channel types. All channels have in common that the flow path is metall free, making them inert even in harsh conditions. The frit-inlet channel is shown with a cross-section displaying from bottom to top the lower PEEK-block, the frit, membrane and polycarbonate upper plate which is placed in an aluminum frame. The frit supporting the membrane is made from stainless steel, which is the most robust choice. As an option a metal free ceramic frit can be installed. All channels are easy to maintain. Replacing a membrane or cleaning the channel parts is straightforward, with just a few screws to tighten during the reassembly process.

  • Mini Channel (MC, 110 mm length)
  • Short Channel (SC 145 mm length)
  • Long Channel (LC, 275 mm length)
  • Semi-Preparative Channel (SP, 45 mm width, 275 mm length) 
  • Frit-Inlet Channel (FI-AF4)
  • Hollow-Fiber FFF Channel (HF5)

Turn-key Solutions:

  • The Eclipse separation system integrates the Eclipse chassis and channels (on the right) with high-quality HPLC components for liquid chromatography (on the left).

  • The Eclipse Flow-FFF allows to choose from a wide range of pumps, autosamplers, detectors and fraction collectors from the leading HPLC manufacturers Agilent, Thermo Fisher (Dionex), and Shimadzu.

  • Only one pump is needed to generate detector flow, cross flow, and injector flow by splitting the main flow delivered through the HPLC pump. Using only one pump results in a much improved signal-to-noise ratio because pump pulsations are reduced and operation is much easier.



  • Existing HPLC instruments can also be integrated easily with a new Eclipse system.

  • The Eclipse control is integrated in either Agilent ODS ChemStation or Dionex Chromeleon software allowing access to the extensive base of hardware which is supported by the two HPLC software packages.

  • Multi-Detection:
    The Eclipse® separation system is designed to integrate with Wyatt Technology’s complete range of unique multi-angle light scattering (MALS), dynamic light scattering (DLS), refractive index (RI) and viscometry (VI) detectors, ensuring highest sensitivity and optimum baseline quality.

Modular Approach:

  • If you would like to add FFF capability to your existing GPC/SEC column chromatography system, please
    contact us. We can offer you an individual solution designed for your specific application and system requirements.

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