With twenty years of experience in macromolecular characterization software, Wyatt Technology Corporation has consistently set the mark for scientific software that is feature-full and easy to use. We offer a full range of software products and services, from our acclaimed ASTRA® software to software updates and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Astra® 6 Software

Astra® 6 is the most comprehensive macromolecular characterization software package available today. Complete with networked data collection, revolutionary analysis capabilities, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, ASTRA® 6 can take your research to new levels.

DYNAMICS® Software

DYNAMICS® is the data collection and analysis software for the DynaPro dynamic light scattering products (TITAN and Plate Reader).  DYNAMICS® is designed specifically for performing, analyzing, and presenting DLS (QELS) data from batch and automated batch characterization of samples as a function of solution condition, temperature or well.

Calypso Software

Orchestrating the mixing, delivery, and detector measurements is the Calypso software. This comprehensive application integrates all aspects of automated batch measurements; such as pump control, synchronizing injections with data acquisition, storing and analyzing the data, and reporting the results. The Calypso software is designed with maximum automation and ease-of-use in mind. In contrast to current manual batch methods, the Calypso system provides hands-off operation for improved accuracy and reliability.


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