Sterilize Your Solvent. Protect Your Chromatographic System. Improve Your Measurements.

Wyatt Technology's SOLARIS™ solvent protection system for aqueous applications sterilizes your solvent in the bottle via proven UV sterilization and consequently protects all components of your chromatographic system from contamination including HPLC and light scattering instruments.

SOLARIS™ prevents growth of bacteria, fungi or algae with high efficiency and protects your system from down-time due to contamination. It supersedes the use of Sodium-Azide or other preservatives in the chromatography solvent. It saves the danger and effort to handle toxic chemicals. SOLARIS™ does not only sterilize the solvent after pouring it into the bottle: with its built-in 0.2 ?m prefilter it keeps the solution free of biological pathogens like bacteria, fungi or algae. Moreover, it prevents the contamination with particles from the laboratory environment (e. g. dust). Noisy baselines or drifts are a thing of the past!


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Solvent (after one week of use) incubated at 30° C for one day.     

Solvent (after one week of use) incubated at 30° C for seven days.


Benefits at a glance:

Clean sterilization:

  • Efficient prevention of microbial growth
  • Sodium-Azide or other toxic chemicals are no longer required.
  • Prevents interaction between azide and sample
  • Solvent pathway is close to the ultraviolet radiation to maximize efficiency.
  • Allows purging the tubing which leads into the bottle.
  • Enables the user to extract an aliquot of the solvent at any time without completely removing the device.

Time and cost-saving:

  • In the idle system constant sterilization with SOLARIS allows recycling of the solvent. One batch of solvent is typically stable for up to three days.
  • Saves expense for disposal of solvent waste after the measurements because no toxic chemicals are added.

Easy to handle:

  • The system comes ready to use and can be mounted on all brown 2 L solvent bottles with GL-45 thread.
  • The device is easy to install and replace.
  • If cleaning is necessary, only rinse with water.


  • Uses 12 V DC voltage
  • Wavelength: 254 nm
  • Not to be used with organic solvents or aqueous photo reactive solutions. Please check the solvent before use.
  • Temperature range 4 - 80° C
  • TÜV-certified
  • Operational life span: 1 year (5,000 hours)
  • Suitable for 2 L bottle with GL-45 thread
  • Wyatt part no.: 3321

Additional accessories to optimize your system:

  • Ideal combination: SOLARIS with Wyatt Inline Filter Holder Set offers the best possible protection against contaminants. It is recommended to add the Wyatt high-pressure PEEK inline filter holder downstream of the HPLC pump. Also available is a low dead-volume filter holder which can be installed at the inlet of the light scattering detector.
  • Best choice: high quality, silica-based Wyatt SEC-MALS Protein Columns certified for best resolution and highest signal to noise. 

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