The world's most advanced multi-angle light scattering instrument for absolute characterization of proteins, conjugates, macromolecules, and nanoparticles.


18-angle MALS light scattering detector for the measurement of absolute molecular weight, size, and conformation of macromolecules in solution. The DAWN® may be used either for continuous flow detection following chromatographic separation (connected on-line to HPLC/ SEC/ FFF) or off-line as a stand-alone unit in batch or microbatch mode.  

The DAWN® HELEOS™ II utilizes a 120mW solid-state laser operating at 658 nm and also has on-board digital signal processing hardware for up to four external devices such as RI and/or UV detectors. The DAWN® HELEOS™ II has a gorgeous 64,000 color LCD display, thermostatic control options, depolarization options, and the ability to interface to high temperature GPC systems like the PL210 and Waters Alliance 2000. On-board analog-to-digital conversion with Ethernet communication for data acquisition.

The DAWN® HELEOS™ comes with ASTRA® 6, the most powerful software package for collecting and analyzing data associated with protein, macromolecule, polymer and nanoparticle characterization. This versatile software package is used for data collection and analysis of either batch (unfractionated) or chromatographically separated samples.

ASTRA® 6 Software includes specialized routines for:

  • Determinaton of absolute molar mass, size, and the second virial coefficient
  • Integrates light scattering (MALS and QELS/ DLS), RI, UV, and viscometry (VI) measurements
  • Calculate Mw based on column or universal calibration using a ViscoStar™ viscometer
  • Measure intrinsic viscosities and Mark-Houwink parameters
  • Determine polydispersity values (Mw/Mn ) and (Mz/Mn )
  • Count particle number densities
  • Measure the molar mass and rms radius for each elution slice (and therefore the conformation)
  • Determine protein mass and fraction for protein conjugates
  • Correct for interdetector band-broadening
  • Calculate the precision of each result it reports
  • Comply with 21 CFR Part II regulations
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MALS combined with online Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS):

The DAWN HELEOS can be coupled with the WyattQELS™, DynaPro NanoStar™ or Möbius™ DLS detector for simultanous online DLS measurements using the same flow cell. While online DLS coupled to GPC/SEC or FFF separation as a single source of information can have certain limitations in terms of sensitivity due to dilution of the sample, it can provide additional and complementary information when combined with multi-angle static light scattering. Wyatt's DLS add-on instruments can be connected to the DAWN® or miniDAWN™ in order to determine particle sizes and their distributions. These DLS instruments contain a real time digital correlator. The correlator measures the autocorrelation function of the intensity signal from any one angle of the DAWN® or from the 90 degree location of the miniDAWN™. The correlator then calculates the hydrodynamic radius at each elution time in order to provide hydrodynamic radii over an entire chromatographic peak.
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