DynaPro NanoStar™

The most widely used Dynamic (DLS) and Static (SLS) Light Scattering Instrument just got better!

The DynaPro NanoStar™ from Wyatt Technology is a brand new, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) instrument that is used for the analysis of protein solutions, aggregates, promiscuous inhibitors, buffers, nanoparticles, polymers, or other products in solution. The NanoStar™ comes with a new specially designed quartz-glas cuvette which needs only 1.25 µl of sample! Disposable cuvettes can also be used - no more cleaning required! A new additional, dedicated 90° Static Light Scattering detector allows to determine absolute molecular weight as well. The NanoStar™ is empowered with more than twice the signal-to-noise of its predecessor, and has replaced virtually every major component in order to make it a full-fledged member of Wyatt's family of instruments.

The new instrument has a TCP/IP interface, so it can be put on a laboratory network instantly and operated from anywhere with an Internet connection. The NanoStar comes with a double density correlator installed. The DD correlator has 512 bins from 100nsec to 1 hour. Instead of having 16 bins in the first stage and 8 in each subsequent stage, it has 32 in the first stage and 16 in the higher stages.

In order to insure that the NanoStar never goes out of range, it comes equipped with automatic attentution over five orders of magnitude. Its air-launched laser, coupled with proprietary optics for higher sensitivity, make single mode optical fiber technology obsolete. Refinements have been made to the temperature control systems for improved response time, with an overall temperature range of -15C to +150C, and the ability to couple with Wyatt's online multi-angle light scattering system for enhanced resolution are also standard parts of the package.

Finally, a dedicated Static Light Scattering detector has been added to the NanoStar so that it can measure not only polydispersity and size (hydrodynamic radii), but absolute molecular weights as well.

Since its inception in the early 1990's, the Protein Solutions DynaPro DLS instrument began appearing in protein crystallization and characterization labs throughout the world - the first DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) technology meeting the scientific community's need to measure small volumes of proteins under very dilute solution conditions. The DynaPro quickly earned acceptance on a global basis, and has since become an indispensable tool for biomolecular sizing and characterization.

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