Non-Affiliated Contract Labs

If researchers would like to explore hiring a Contract Lab outside of Wyatt for sample analysis, data interpretation, or regulatory compliance, we have listed a few companies (with no affiliation to Wyatt) who use exclusively Wyatt instruments for their field-flow-fractionation and light scattering needs.

  • M-Scan: offer contract research services and consulting in the areas of protein biophysical characterization using Size Exclusion Chromatography with Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering (SEC-MALS)

  • ProJect Pharmaceutics: offer science based formulation and process development for biopharmaceuticals and follow-on biologics using CG-MALS (Calypso) and FFF-MALS (Eclipse® AF4 and miniDAWN TREOS™) technology for in-depth characterization of its customers´ products in respect to protein aggregate formation and prevention.

  • byFlow S.r.l. (Bologna, Italy): offer innovative and customized analytical methodologies for quality control of nano/ biotech products in the pharmaceutical and clinical field using the FFF-MALS technology.