ViscoStar™ II

A New Generation of Online Differential Viscometer.


On-line differential viscometer with unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio, low baseline drift and noise. Accepts external signals for zero, purge, and recycle. Ethernet and USB communications, full color LCD display conveys data at a glance. Transducer Protection System (TPS) and user-selectable delay volumes also included!

Wyatt Technology in collaboration with Professor Skip Rochefort's group at Oregon State University used a DAWN®, an Optilab™ rEX and a ViscoStar™ to measure the intrinsic viscosity and Mark-Houwink-Sakurada (MHS) behavior of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Unusual MHS behavior was demonstrated, perhaps helping explain the large variation in HA MHS coeffiecents that have been reported in the literature.

You can download the paper here.


If you'd like to get an idea of the power of Wyatt's ASTRA® software for viscosity measurements, please visit our ASTRA® Data Analysis Section.

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